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AdvisorNet Financial gives independent financial advisors the freedom to focus on their business by offering industry expertise and operational support so they can excel in their practice.


Building a strong and respected reputation takes time; AdvisorNet Financial has been helping independent financial advisors serve their clients and establish their reputations since 1959.


As an independent financial advisor, your focus is on building relationships with your clients so that you can serve them well. Our focus is on building relationships with you.


AdvisorNet Financial offers independent financial advisors a full circle of services to meet and support the individual needs of your unique practice, wherever you need it.

Our core values define who we are, shape our culture and guide how we do business.


We make a difference.


We love what we do.


We value working together.


We do the right thing.


We believe in our team.





$ 12 B+







With a unique model of inter-dependence, AdvisorNet Financial provides back-office functionality and resources you can depend on to improve your competitiveness and client services.

You receive the support you need to build your practice through technology, marketing, HR, compliance, and advisor support. Further, we offer practice management, succession planning, ensemble support, and other value-added services to take your business to the next level. Whether you do RIA business, broker dealer or both, AdvisorNet is flexible; we give you the independence to serve your clients the way you have always wanted to.

Your Business. Your Way. financial planning investment advisor values
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Your Business. Your Way.


AdvisorNet Wealth Management is our registered investment advisory platform. We partner with entrepreneurial advisors who are looking for independence without sacrificing valuable infrastructure or operational excellence. With a multi-custodial platform offering, our business model is flexible and built to scale.


Through our association with Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC, our registered representatives can offer securities and investment advisory services on a scale with the nation’s leading broker dealers/registered investment advisors. We offer full broker dealer representation and access to all of Cetera Advisor Networks tools and technology along with dedicated support and training.

Cetera is under separate ownership from any other named entity.


Setting up a hybrid relationship allows you to partner with our associated broker-dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks, as well as our RIA, AdvisorNet Wealth Management. Being hybrid can allow you to use an alternative RIA platform while still leveraging the services of a broker-dealer.

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Core Services and Support.


Our dedicated compliance team acts as a liaison between your office and Cetera Advisor Networks. They take a consultative approach to advertising and trade review which can help expedite the review process.


Align your business with our team of dedicated and knowledgeable support professionals to ensure a seamless experience when looking for support for your practice. AdvisorNet support team members manage on-boarding orientation and continued training on topics like ad review, case preparation, retail workflows, security risks, and more.


Building a distinctive brand helps your practice stand out. AdvisorNet Marketing is here to advise you on the messages and strategies to engage your target market. We provide in-house design, branding, event planning, websites, and strategic marketing support for your business.


We understand the software and hardware requirements needed to sustain a growing financial practice. We work with in-house and remote advisors to secure their systems, consult on software and business solutions and provide the training and support you need to run a successful business and support your clients.


AdvisorNet Financial further supports your practice as a partner for outsourcing Human Resources. Give your practice a competitive advantage by partnering with an HR manager.

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full service.


AdvisorNet Insurance acts as a full-service brokerage agency to assist in analyzing both you and your clients’ needs. Additionally, AdvisorNet Benefits assists you to with client employee benefit needs. Both departments will assess carriers and review existing plans to rein in costs and gain competitive, quality insurance and benefits.


Identifying and minimizing financial risk promises a greater sense of security, a lucrative component to both your practice and clients. With AdvisorNet Property & Casualty, you will be linked with reputable risk management companies, working with a select group of experts who can analyze your options to fit your client’s needs.

Choice Bank

Banking and lending services are available through our relationship with Choice Bank. Advisors and clients can take advantage of Choice Bank checking, money market and health savings accounts, and CDs all with competitive rates.


AdvisorNet Portfolio Partners works to make advisory business easy for you. This team of professionals provides portfolio management, back-office support and streamlined trading resources, allowing you the time to focus on growing your business and solidify client relationships.

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The Next Level.


Rely on AdvisorNet Financial to support your business growth with case prep and practice management support. With our software, research and analysis services, we offer the infrastructure for an optimal business management process and sophisticated client service.


AdvisorNet Financial has the resources to assist you in objectives planning for your business and family. We offer tailored analysis and consulting to develop an effective estate plan, business succession/exit plan, executive compensation program, and retirement and risk management plans.


With Life Stories, you can capture your client’s history and life story. And through their relationship with you, how they arrived where they are today. Through storytelling, photographs and more, the leather-bound Life Stories books will be a treasure for generations to share.


AdvisorNet Financial knows that supporting a multiple-advisor practice takes scale, integrated technology, and experienced leadership. We are able to provide coaching/practice management to support ensemble practices and encourage networking and best practice sharing.


Our team of experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and a spirit of service to everything they do. Meet the team that is dedicated to supporting you and your business.

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History Previous
History Next

With 60 years of experience today, AdvisorNet Financial began as a modest company by the name of Strommen & Associates. Founded by Clair Strommen in 1959, the group had just five associates and one staff person.


During the 60s, 70s and early 80s, Strommen & Associates grew in size and scale opening offices in Duluth, North Dakota, and into Western Wisconsin. The main office was located in St. Paul on University Avenue at several addresses, eventually residing at 2469 University Avenue at the Strommen Building.


In the 1980s, ownership of AdvisorNet Financial was assumed by Dan W. Anderson, Wayne C. Swenson, and Robert Strommen when Clair Strommen left the company. Together, they formed Swenson Anderson Brokerage, and expanded insurance offerings. In 1984, our current President Daniel J. May joined the firm.



After 26 years in St. Paul,  1985 marked the move of the company’s main office to Minneapolis. 1221 Nicollet Mall would be the company’s headquarters for the next 26 years. One year later, in 1986, the firm became Swenson Anderson Associates, Inc. after the departure of Robert Strommen.


In the early part of the decade, Financial Network Corporation became the company’s broker dealer. In 1997, Daniel May joined the ownership team with Dan Anderson and Wayne Swenson. The agency grew to over 90 advisors by the end of the decade and continued to expand services.


2006 saw Dan May become President and CEO of the company. One year later, our name changed to AdvisorNet Financial to reflect the spirit of the organization — a network of great financial services advisors. 2007 also brought a shift in the ownership structure of the firm; AdvisorNet Financial added 23 new owners, becoming one of the few companies nationwide that is owned and lead by active advisors.


Cetera took ownership of Financial Network and became AdvisorNet Finacial’s new broker dealer in the beginning of 2010. Our RIA, AdvisorNet Wealth Management, added key staff and began to expand even further.


In 2011, AdvisorNet Portfolio Partners became the latest service to be added to our famous “Circle of Services.” AdvisorNet Financial was awarded as a Top Workplace winner for the first time in 2011, an award we were recognized for 5 years in a row. Our office also moved to our current home in the 701 Building in downtown Minneapolis.


AdvisorNet Financial added retail brand AdvisorNet Financial Partners, with locations in Minnesota and Arizona.

What has made us a great firm in the past will make us great in the future. Our reputation is what we are known for now.

Dan May, CEO

Community Involvement

Our average annual involvement with charitable endeavors

10000 +


250 +


$ 1.5


AdvisorNet Financial has a rich tradition of supporting great causes and encouraging people to get involved in charitable organizations that speak to them.

Dan May, CEO


We provide back-office functionality and key industry products and resources to improve your competitiveness and client services. You get the support you need to build the practice of your dreams and the independence to serve your clients the way you have always wanted to.

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